Brief history of the Hobgoblins

Whew! Now that we (truthfully just me) stopped procrastinating and updated this site into looking like something, we have finally a place to put out our thoughts. Hopefully this blog will contain all sorts of interesting development diary stuff for our upcoming game projects, but also questionable wisdom we have accrued as individuals. And divisive opinions.

Let’s start now with a brief history of Happy Hobgoblin. The bulk of us came from the 2015 batch of Oulu Game Lab students, formed around our OGL game project Nyheim. There were a lot of difficulties soon after we formed the company itself, but by around summer 2016 we were set. Thenabouts Nyheim was ready for mobiles, and in a couple of months we also did the Steam version.

Throughout our companification we had been hooked with VR tech, ever since Jesse and Aki bought a Vive. The first thing I tested out was a short Star Wars demo, and sweet genious that was jaw-slackening. So the next game we started thinking about was a VR co-op version of another OGL game Icesolation.

As we were waiting for an AVEK Digidemo (government culture project grant) funding for Ice, Jesse had banged together a funny little skiing prototype for VR. We turned that into a game called Uphill Skiing and put it to Steam, mostly to just try out how VR stuff works. And it apparently does.

While Ice was being developed, we had another game that had been brewing on the back of my mind since we formed a company: Royal Adviser. Mostly thanks to A) luck and B) a steady stream of interns, we managed to scrounge together programming resources to toss it together. I’ve been testing it with board gamers in Ropecon 2016 and 2018 and feedback had been very positive. So I was very proud when we finally got it released.

Sadly, due to technical issues (the rope plugin we were using didn’t like how we loaded the game) Ice had to be iceboxed. Fortunately, it’s because we got funding for another game: Hubris (working title), another co-op VR game! We’re just starting development and I’m planning on keeping the doors open and allowing you a glimpse into game development. And into what kind of fucked up hellscape it is!

I think those are the most important beats of our company history, so thank you for reading. Now go to a park and do nothing for 5 minutes.